About this site

This site is made by a Majorette-fan and collector from the Netherlands. I've made this site because I realised there was still no complete Majorette Database on the web. So now I am trying to made one. Feel free to help me by sending pictures and info to majorettedatabase@gmail.com.


I am using info and pictures of a lot of different sites and sources:

Info (about production years, references etc.)




Pictures (all used with permission)

My personal collection

The collection of my father

Different users of www.3inchforum.nl




Craig Tetlow at Flickr


The following users of instagram.com:

- csdiecast

- diecastcollectorgermany

- majoretteaustralasia

- majorettegermany

- majoretteglobalfans

- passioncarinches

- ristomajuri

Rights and use

Under each picture you will find the source of the picture. You can use the pictures with the source "MajoretteDatabase" for your site. But, if you do, please ask for permission by sending a mail to majorettedatabase@gmail.com

For use of the pictures from other sources you'll have to contact the owner of that particular site.